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/* -*- Mode: C; indent-tabs-mode: t; c-basic-offset: 8; tab-width: 8 -*-

   nautilus-view.h: Interface for nautilus views
   Copyright (C) 2004 Red Hat Inc.
   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
   modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
   published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
   License, or (at your option) any later version.
   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   General Public License for more details.
   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public
   License along with this program; if not, write to the
   Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
   Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
   Author: Alexander Larsson <alexl@redhat.com>


#include <glib-object.h>
#include <gtk/gtk.h>

/* For NautilusZoomLevel */
#include <libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-info.h>


#define NAUTILUS_TYPE_VIEW           (nautilus_view_get_type ())
#define NAUTILUS_VIEW(obj)           (G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE_CAST ((obj), NAUTILUS_TYPE_VIEW, NautilusView))

typedef struct _NautilusView NautilusView; /* dummy typedef */
typedef struct _NautilusViewIface NautilusViewIface;

struct _NautilusViewIface 
      GTypeInterface g_iface;

      /* Signals: */

      /* emitted when the view-specific title as returned by get_title changes */
        void           (* title_changed)          (NautilusView          *view);

        void           (* zoom_level_changed)     (NautilusView          *view);
      /* VTable: */

      /* Get the id string for this view. Its a constant string, not memory managed */
      const char *   (* get_view_id)            (NautilusView          *view);

      /* Get the widget for this view, can be the same object or a different
         object owned by the view. Doesn't ref the widget. */
      GtkWidget *    (* get_widget)             (NautilusView          *view);

      /* Called to tell the view to start loading a location, or to reload it.
         The view responds with a load_underway as soon as it starts loading,
         and a load_complete when the location is completely read. */
      void           (* load_location)          (NautilusView          *view,
                                       const char            *location_uri);
      /* Called to tell the view to stop loading the location its currently loading */
      void           (* stop_loading)           (NautilusView          *view);

      /* Returns the number of selected items in the view */      
      int            (* get_selection_count)    (NautilusView          *view);
      /* Returns a list of uris for th selected items in the view, caller frees it */     
      GList *        (* get_selection)          (NautilusView          *view);
      /* This is called when the window wants to change the selection in the view */
      void           (* set_selection)          (NautilusView          *view,
                                       GList                 *list);
      /* Inverts the selection in the view */   
      void           (* invert_selection)       (NautilusView          *view);
      /* Return the uri of the first visible file */  
      char *         (* get_first_visible_file) (NautilusView          *view);
      /* Scroll the view so that the file specified by the uri is at the top
         of the view */
      void           (* scroll_to_file)     (NautilusView          *view,
                                       const char            *uri);
      /* This function can supply a special window title, if you don't want one
         have this function return NULL, or just don't supply a function  */
      char *         (* get_title)              (NautilusView          *view); 

      /* Zoom support */
      gboolean       (* supports_zooming)       (NautilusView          *view);
        void           (* bump_zoom_level)        (NautilusView          *view,
                                       int                    zoom_increment);
        void           (* zoom_to_level)    (NautilusView          *view, 
                                       NautilusZoomLevel     level);
        NautilusZoomLevel (* get_zoom_level)      (NautilusView          *view);
        void           (* restore_default_zoom_level) (NautilusView          *view);
        gboolean       (* can_zoom_in)            (NautilusView          *view);
        gboolean       (* can_zoom_out)           (NautilusView          *view);

        void           (* grab_focus)             (NautilusView          *view);

      /* Request popup of context menu referring to the open location.
       * This is triggered in spatial windows by right-clicking the location button,
       * in navigational windows by right-clicking the "Location:" label in the
       * navigation bar or any of the buttons in the pathbar.
       * The location parameter specifies the location this popup should be displayed for.
       * If it is NULL, the currently displayed location should be used.
       * The view may display the popup synchronously, asynchronously
       * or not react to the popup request at all. */
      void           (* pop_up_location_context_menu) (NautilusView   *view,
                                           GdkEventButton *event,
                                           const char     *location);

      void           (* drop_proxy_received_uris)     (NautilusView         *view,
                                           GList                *uris,
                                           const char           *target_location,
                                           GdkDragAction         action);
      void           (* drop_proxy_received_netscape_url) (NautilusView         *view,
                                               const char           *source_url,
                                               const char           *target_location,
                                               GdkDragAction         action);
      void           (* set_is_active)                    (NautilusView         *view,
                                               gboolean              is_active);

      /* Padding for future expansion */
      void (*_reserved1) (void);
      void (*_reserved2) (void);
      void (*_reserved3) (void);
      void (*_reserved4) (void);
      void (*_reserved5) (void);
      void (*_reserved6) (void);
      void (*_reserved7) (void);

GType             nautilus_view_get_type             (void);

const char *      nautilus_view_get_view_id                (NautilusView      *view);
GtkWidget *       nautilus_view_get_widget                 (NautilusView      *view);
void              nautilus_view_load_location              (NautilusView      *view,
                                              const char        *location_uri);
void              nautilus_view_stop_loading               (NautilusView      *view);
int               nautilus_view_get_selection_count        (NautilusView      *view);
GList *           nautilus_view_get_selection              (NautilusView      *view);
void              nautilus_view_set_selection              (NautilusView      *view,
                                              GList             *list);
void              nautilus_view_invert_selection           (NautilusView      *view);
char *            nautilus_view_get_first_visible_file     (NautilusView      *view);
void              nautilus_view_scroll_to_file             (NautilusView      *view,
                                              const char        *uri);
char *            nautilus_view_get_title                  (NautilusView      *view);
gboolean          nautilus_view_supports_zooming           (NautilusView      *view);
void              nautilus_view_bump_zoom_level            (NautilusView      *view,
                                              int                zoom_increment);
void              nautilus_view_zoom_to_level              (NautilusView      *view,
                                              NautilusZoomLevel  level);
void              nautilus_view_restore_default_zoom_level (NautilusView      *view);
gboolean          nautilus_view_can_zoom_in                (NautilusView      *view);
gboolean          nautilus_view_can_zoom_out               (NautilusView      *view);
NautilusZoomLevel nautilus_view_get_zoom_level             (NautilusView      *view);
void              nautilus_view_pop_up_location_context_menu (NautilusView    *view,
                                                GdkEventButton  *event,
                                                const char      *location);
void              nautilus_view_grab_focus                 (NautilusView      *view);
void              nautilus_view_drop_proxy_received_uris   (NautilusView         *view,
                                              GList                *uris,
                                              const char           *target_location,
                                              GdkDragAction         action);
void              nautilus_view_drop_proxy_received_netscape_url (NautilusView         *view,
                                                  const char           *source_url,
                                                  const char           *target_location,
                                                  GdkDragAction         action);
void              nautilus_view_set_is_active              (NautilusView      *view,
                                              gboolean           is_active);


#endif /* NAUTILUS_VIEW_H */

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