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/* -*- Mode: C; indent-tabs-mode: t; c-basic-offset: 8; tab-width: 8 -*-

   nautilus-file.h: Nautilus file model.
   Copyright (C) 1999, 2000, 2001 Eazel, Inc.
   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
   modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
   published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
   License, or (at your option) any later version.
   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   General Public License for more details.
   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public
   License along with this program; if not, write to the
   Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
   Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
   Author: Darin Adler <darin@bentspoon.com>


#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <gio/gio.h>
#include <libnautilus-private/nautilus-file-attributes.h>
#include <libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-info.h>

/* NautilusFile is an object used to represent a single element of a
 * NautilusDirectory. It's lightweight and relies on NautilusDirectory
 * to do most of the work.

/* NautilusFile is defined both here and in nautilus-directory.h. */
typedef struct NautilusFile NautilusFile;

#define NAUTILUS_TYPE_FILE nautilus_file_get_type()
#define NAUTILUS_FILE(obj) \
#define NAUTILUS_FILE_CLASS(klass) \
  (G_TYPE_CHECK_CLASS_CAST ((klass), NAUTILUS_TYPE_FILE, NautilusFileClass))
#define NAUTILUS_IS_FILE(obj) \
#define NAUTILUS_IS_FILE_CLASS(klass) \

typedef enum {
} NautilusFileSortType; 

typedef enum {
} NautilusRequestStatus;

typedef enum {
      /* whether the thumbnail size must match the display icon size */
} NautilusFileIconFlags;      

/* Emblems sometimes displayed for NautilusFiles. Do not localize. */ 

typedef void (*NautilusFileCallback)          (NautilusFile  *file,
                                       gpointer       callback_data);
typedef void (*NautilusFileListCallback)      (GList         *file_list,
                                       gpointer       callback_data);
typedef void (*NautilusFileOperationCallback) (NautilusFile  *file,
                                     GFile         *result_location,
                                     GError        *error,
                                     gpointer       callback_data);
typedef int (*NautilusWidthMeasureCallback)   (const char    *string,
                                     void      *context);
typedef char * (*NautilusTruncateCallback)    (const char    *string,
                                     int        width,
                                     void      *context);


typedef void NautilusFileListHandle;

/* GObject requirements. */
GType                   nautilus_file_get_type                          (void);

/* Getting at a single file. */
NautilusFile *          nautilus_file_get                               (GFile                          *location);
NautilusFile *          nautilus_file_get_by_uri                        (const char                     *uri);

/* Get a file only if the nautilus version already exists */
NautilusFile *          nautilus_file_get_existing                      (GFile                          *location);
NautilusFile *          nautilus_file_get_existing_by_uri               (const char                     *uri);

/* Covers for g_object_ref and g_object_unref that provide two conveniences:
 * 1) Using these is type safe.
 * 2) You are allowed to call these with NULL,
NautilusFile *          nautilus_file_ref                               (NautilusFile                   *file);
void                    nautilus_file_unref                             (NautilusFile                   *file);

/* Monitor the file. */
void                    nautilus_file_monitor_add                       (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       gconstpointer                   client,
                                                       NautilusFileAttributes          attributes);
void                    nautilus_file_monitor_remove                    (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       gconstpointer                   client);

/* Waiting for data that's read asynchronously.
 * This interface currently works only for metadata, but could be expanded
 * to other attributes as well.
void                    nautilus_file_call_when_ready                   (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       NautilusFileAttributes          attributes,
                                                       NautilusFileCallback            callback,
                                                       gpointer                        callback_data);
void                    nautilus_file_cancel_call_when_ready            (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       NautilusFileCallback            callback,
                                                       gpointer                        callback_data);
gboolean                nautilus_file_check_if_ready                    (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       NautilusFileAttributes          attributes);
void                    nautilus_file_invalidate_attributes             (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       NautilusFileAttributes          attributes);
void                    nautilus_file_invalidate_all_attributes         (NautilusFile                   *file);

/* Basic attributes for file objects. */
gboolean                nautilus_file_contains_text                     (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_display_name                  (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_edit_name                     (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_name                          (NautilusFile                   *file);
GFile *                 nautilus_file_get_location                      (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                   nautilus_file_get_description                   (NautilusFile                 *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_uri                           (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_uri_scheme                    (NautilusFile                   *file);
NautilusFile *          nautilus_file_get_parent                        (NautilusFile                   *file);
GFile *                 nautilus_file_get_parent_location               (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_parent_uri                    (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_parent_uri_for_display        (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_get_size                      (NautilusFile                   *file);
goffset                 nautilus_file_get_size                          (NautilusFile                   *file);
time_t                  nautilus_file_get_mtime                         (NautilusFile                   *file);
GFileType               nautilus_file_get_file_type                     (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_mime_type                     (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_mime_type                      (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       const char                     *mime_type);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_launchable                     (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_symbolic_link                  (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_mountpoint                     (NautilusFile                   *file);
GMount *                nautilus_file_get_mount                         (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_volume_free_space             (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_volume_name                   (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_symbolic_link_target_path     (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_symbolic_link_target_uri      (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_broken_symbolic_link           (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_nautilus_link                  (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_executable                     (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_directory                      (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean          nautilus_file_is_archive                  (NautilusFile                 *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_in_trash                       (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_in_desktop                     (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean          nautilus_file_is_home                     (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_desktop_directory              (NautilusFile                   *file);
GError *                nautilus_file_get_file_info_error               (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_get_directory_item_count          (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       guint                          *count,
                                                       gboolean                       *count_unreadable);
void                    nautilus_file_recompute_deep_counts             (NautilusFile                   *file);
NautilusRequestStatus   nautilus_file_get_deep_counts                   (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       guint                          *directory_count,
                                                       guint                          *file_count,
                                                       guint                          *unreadable_directory_count,
                                                       goffset               *total_size,
                                                       gboolean                        force);
gboolean                nautilus_file_should_show_thumbnail             (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_should_show_directory_item_count  (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_should_show_type                  (NautilusFile                   *file);
GList *                 nautilus_file_get_keywords                      (NautilusFile                   *file);
void                    nautilus_file_set_keywords                      (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       GList                          *keywords);
GList *                 nautilus_file_get_emblem_icons                  (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       char                          **exclude);
GList *                 nautilus_file_get_emblem_pixbufs                (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       int                             size,
                                                       gboolean                        force_size,
                                                       char                          **exclude);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_top_left_text                 (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_peek_top_left_text                (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       gboolean                        need_large_text,
                                                       gboolean                       *got_top_left_text);
gboolean                nautilus_file_get_directory_item_mime_types     (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       GList                         **mime_list);

void                    nautilus_file_set_attributes                    (NautilusFile                   *file, 
                                                       GFileInfo                      *attributes,
                                                       NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                                       gpointer                        callback_data);
GFilesystemPreviewType  nautilus_file_get_filesystem_use_preview        (NautilusFile *file);

char *                  nautilus_file_get_filesystem_id                 (NautilusFile                   *file);

NautilusFile *          nautilus_file_get_trash_original_file           (NautilusFile                   *file);

/* Permissions. */
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_get_permissions               (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_set_permissions               (NautilusFile                   *file);
guint                   nautilus_file_get_permissions                   (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_get_owner                     (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_set_owner                     (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_get_group                     (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_set_group                     (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_owner_name                    (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_group_name                    (NautilusFile                   *file);
GList *                 nautilus_get_user_names                         (void);
GList *                 nautilus_get_all_group_names                    (void);
GList *                 nautilus_file_get_settable_group_names          (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_get_selinux_context           (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_selinux_context               (NautilusFile                   *file);

/* "Capabilities". */
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_read                          (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_write                         (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_execute                       (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_rename                        (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_delete                        (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_trash                         (NautilusFile                   *file);

gboolean                nautilus_file_can_mount                         (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_unmount                       (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_eject                         (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_start                         (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_start_degraded                (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_stop                          (NautilusFile                   *file);
GDriveStartStopType     nautilus_file_get_start_stop_type               (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_can_poll_for_media                (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_media_check_automatic          (NautilusFile                   *file);

void                    nautilus_file_mount                             (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       GMountOperation                *mount_op,
                                                       GCancellable                   *cancellable,
                                                       NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                                       gpointer                        callback_data);
void                    nautilus_file_unmount                           (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       GMountOperation                *mount_op,
                                                       GCancellable                   *cancellable,
                                                       NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                                       gpointer                        callback_data);
void                    nautilus_file_eject                             (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       GMountOperation                *mount_op,
                                                       GCancellable                   *cancellable,
                                                       NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                                       gpointer                        callback_data);

void                    nautilus_file_start                             (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       GMountOperation                *start_op,
                                                       GCancellable                   *cancellable,
                                                       NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                                       gpointer                        callback_data);
void                    nautilus_file_stop                              (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       GMountOperation                *mount_op,
                                                       GCancellable                   *cancellable,
                                                       NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                                       gpointer                        callback_data);
void                    nautilus_file_poll_for_media                    (NautilusFile                   *file);

/* Basic operations for file objects. */
void                    nautilus_file_set_owner                         (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       const char                     *user_name_or_id,
                                                       NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                                       gpointer                        callback_data);
void                    nautilus_file_set_group                         (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       const char                     *group_name_or_id,
                                                       NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                                       gpointer                        callback_data);
void                    nautilus_file_set_permissions                   (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       guint32                         permissions,
                                                       NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                                       gpointer                        callback_data);
void                    nautilus_file_rename                            (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       const char                     *new_name,
                                                       NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                                       gpointer                        callback_data);
void                    nautilus_file_cancel                            (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                                       gpointer                        callback_data);

/* Return true if this file has already been deleted.
 * This object will be unref'd after sending the files_removed signal,
 * but it could hang around longer if someone ref'd it.
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_gone                           (NautilusFile                   *file);

/* Return true if this file is not confirmed to have ever really
 * existed. This is true when the NautilusFile object has been created, but no I/O
 * has yet confirmed the existence of a file by that name.
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_not_yet_confirmed              (NautilusFile                   *file);

/* Simple getting and setting top-level metadata. */
char *                  nautilus_file_get_metadata                      (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       const char                     *key,
                                                       const char                     *default_metadata);
GList *                 nautilus_file_get_metadata_list                 (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       const char                     *key);
void                    nautilus_file_set_metadata                      (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       const char                     *key,
                                                       const char                     *default_metadata,
                                                       const char                     *metadata);
void                    nautilus_file_set_metadata_list                 (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       const char                     *key,
                                                       GList                          *list);

/* Covers for common data types. */
gboolean                nautilus_file_get_boolean_metadata              (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       const char                     *key,
                                                       gboolean                        default_metadata);
void                    nautilus_file_set_boolean_metadata              (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       const char                     *key,
                                                       gboolean                        default_metadata,
                                                       gboolean                        metadata);
int                     nautilus_file_get_integer_metadata              (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       const char                     *key,
                                                       int                             default_metadata);
void                    nautilus_file_set_integer_metadata              (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       const char                     *key,
                                                       int                             default_metadata,
                                                       int                             metadata);

#define UNDEFINED_TIME ((time_t) (-1))

time_t                  nautilus_file_get_time_metadata                 (NautilusFile                  *file,
                                                       const char                    *key);
void                    nautilus_file_set_time_metadata                 (NautilusFile                  *file,
                                                       const char                    *key,
                                                       time_t                         time);

/* Attributes for file objects as user-displayable strings. */
char *                  nautilus_file_get_string_attribute              (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       const char                     *attribute_name);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_string_attribute_q            (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       GQuark                          attribute_q);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_string_attribute_with_default (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       const char                     *attribute_name);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_string_attribute_with_default_q (NautilusFile                  *file,
                                                       GQuark                          attribute_q);
char *                  nautilus_file_fit_modified_date_as_string (NautilusFile                 *file,
                                                       int                     width,
                                                       NautilusWidthMeasureCallback    measure_callback,
                                                       NautilusTruncateCallback      truncate_callback,
                                                       void                   *measure_truncate_context);

/* Matching with another URI. */
gboolean                nautilus_file_matches_uri                       (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       const char                     *uri);

/* Is the file local? */
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_local                          (NautilusFile                   *file);

/* Comparing two file objects for sorting */
int                     nautilus_file_compare_for_sort                  (NautilusFile                   *file_1,
                                                       NautilusFile                   *file_2,
                                                       NautilusFileSortType            sort_type,
                                                       gboolean                directories_first,
                                                       gboolean                reversed);
int                     nautilus_file_compare_for_sort_by_attribute     (NautilusFile                   *file_1,
                                                       NautilusFile                   *file_2,
                                                       const char                     *attribute,
                                                       gboolean                        directories_first,
                                                       gboolean                        reversed);
int                     nautilus_file_compare_for_sort_by_attribute_q   (NautilusFile                   *file_1,
                                                       NautilusFile                   *file_2,
                                                       GQuark                          attribute,
                                                       gboolean                        directories_first,
                                                       gboolean                        reversed);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_date_sort_attribute_q          (GQuark                          attribute);

int                     nautilus_file_compare_display_name              (NautilusFile                   *file_1,
                                                       const char                     *pattern);

/* filtering functions for use by various directory views */
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_hidden_file                    (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_backup_file                    (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_should_show                       (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       gboolean                        show_hidden,
                                                       gboolean                        show_backup,
                                                       gboolean                        show_foreign);
GList                  *nautilus_file_list_filter_hidden_and_backup     (GList                          *files,
                                                       gboolean                        show_hidden,
                                                       gboolean                        show_backup);

/* Get the URI that's used when activating the file.
 * Getting this can require reading the contents of the file.
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_launcher                       (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_foreign_link                   (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_trusted_link                   (NautilusFile                   *file);
gboolean                nautilus_file_has_activation_uri                (NautilusFile                   *file);
char *                  nautilus_file_get_activation_uri                (NautilusFile                   *file);
GFile *                 nautilus_file_get_activation_location           (NautilusFile                   *file);

char *                  nautilus_file_get_drop_target_uri               (NautilusFile                   *file);

/* Get custom icon (if specified by metadata or link contents) */
char *                  nautilus_file_get_custom_icon                   (NautilusFile                   *file);

GIcon *                 nautilus_file_get_gicon                         (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       NautilusFileIconFlags           flags);
NautilusIconInfo *      nautilus_file_get_icon                          (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       int                             size,
                                                       NautilusFileIconFlags           flags);
GdkPixbuf *             nautilus_file_get_icon_pixbuf                   (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       int                             size,
                                                       gboolean                        force_size,
                                                       NautilusFileIconFlags           flags);

gboolean                nautilus_file_has_open_window                   (NautilusFile                   *file);
void                    nautilus_file_set_has_open_window               (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                                       gboolean                        has_open_window);

/* Thumbnailing handling */
gboolean                nautilus_file_is_thumbnailing                   (NautilusFile                   *file);

/* Convenience functions for dealing with a list of NautilusFile objects that each have a ref.
 * These are just convenient names for functions that work on lists of GtkObject *.
GList *                 nautilus_file_list_ref                          (GList                          *file_list);
void                    nautilus_file_list_unref                        (GList                          *file_list);
void                    nautilus_file_list_free                         (GList                          *file_list);
GList *                 nautilus_file_list_copy                         (GList                          *file_list);
GList *                 nautilus_file_list_from_uris                    (GList                          *uri_list);
GList *                 nautilus_file_list_sort_by_display_name         (GList                        *file_list);
void                    nautilus_file_list_call_when_ready              (GList                          *file_list,
                                                       NautilusFileAttributes          attributes,
                                                       NautilusFileListHandle        **handle,
                                                       NautilusFileListCallback        callback,
                                                       gpointer                        callback_data);
void                    nautilus_file_list_cancel_call_when_ready       (NautilusFileListHandle         *handle);

/* Debugging */
void                    nautilus_file_dump                              (NautilusFile                   *file);

typedef struct NautilusFileDetails NautilusFileDetails;

struct NautilusFile {
      GObject parent_slot;
      NautilusFileDetails *details;

/* This is actually a "protected" type, but it must be here so we can
 * compile the get_date function pointer declaration below.
typedef enum {
} NautilusDateType;

typedef struct {
      GObjectClass parent_slot;

      /* Subclasses can set this to something other than G_FILE_TYPE_UNKNOWN and
         it will be used as the default file type. This is useful when creating
         a "virtual" NautilusFile subclass that you can't actually get real
         information about. For exaple NautilusDesktopDirectoryFile. */
      GFileType default_file_type; 
      /* Called when the file notices any change. */
      void                  (* changed)                (NautilusFile *file);

      /* Called periodically while directory deep count is being computed. */
      void                  (* updated_deep_count_in_progress) (NautilusFile *file);

      /* Virtual functions (mainly used for trash directory). */
      void                  (* monitor_add)            (NautilusFile           *file,
                                            gconstpointer           client,
                                            NautilusFileAttributes  attributes);
      void                  (* monitor_remove)         (NautilusFile           *file,
                                            gconstpointer           client);
      void                  (* call_when_ready)        (NautilusFile           *file,
                                            NautilusFileAttributes  attributes,
                                            NautilusFileCallback    callback,
                                            gpointer                callback_data);
      void                  (* cancel_call_when_ready) (NautilusFile           *file,
                                            NautilusFileCallback    callback,
                                            gpointer                callback_data);
      gboolean              (* check_if_ready)         (NautilusFile           *file,
                                            NautilusFileAttributes  attributes);
      gboolean              (* get_item_count)         (NautilusFile           *file,
                                            guint                  *count,
                                            gboolean               *count_unreadable);
      NautilusRequestStatus (* get_deep_counts)        (NautilusFile           *file,
                                            guint                  *directory_count,
                                            guint                  *file_count,
                                            guint                  *unreadable_directory_count,
                                            goffset       *total_size);
      gboolean              (* get_date)               (NautilusFile           *file,
                                            NautilusDateType        type,
                                            time_t                 *date);
      char *                (* get_where_string)       (NautilusFile           *file);

      void                  (* set_metadata)           (NautilusFile           *file,
                                            const char             *key,
                                            const char             *value);
      void                  (* set_metadata_as_list)   (NautilusFile           *file,
                                            const char             *key,
                                            char                  **value);
      void                  (* mount)                  (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                            GMountOperation                *mount_op,
                                            GCancellable                   *cancellable,
                                            NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                            gpointer                        callback_data);
      void                 (* unmount)                 (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                            GMountOperation                *mount_op,
                                            GCancellable                   *cancellable,
                                            NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                            gpointer                        callback_data);
      void                 (* eject)                   (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                            GMountOperation                *mount_op,
                                            GCancellable                   *cancellable,
                                            NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                            gpointer                        callback_data);

      void                  (* start)                  (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                            GMountOperation                *start_op,
                                            GCancellable                   *cancellable,
                                            NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                            gpointer                        callback_data);
      void                 (* stop)                    (NautilusFile                   *file,
                                            GMountOperation                *mount_op,
                                            GCancellable                   *cancellable,
                                            NautilusFileOperationCallback   callback,
                                            gpointer                        callback_data);

      void                 (* poll_for_media)          (NautilusFile                   *file);
} NautilusFileClass;

#endif /* NAUTILUS_FILE_H */

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