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Public Attributes

NautilusViewClass Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

void(* add_file )(NautilusView *view, NautilusFile *file, NautilusDirectory *directory)
void(* begin_file_changes )(NautilusView *view)
void(* begin_loading )(NautilusView *view)
void(* bump_zoom_level )(NautilusView *view, int zoom_increment)
gboolean(* can_rename_file )(NautilusView *view, NautilusFile *file)
gboolean(* can_zoom_in )(NautilusView *view)
gboolean(* can_zoom_out )(NautilusView *view)
void(* clear )(NautilusView *view)
void(* click_policy_changed )(NautilusView *view)
int(* compare_files )(NautilusView *view, NautilusFile *a, NautilusFile *b)
gboolean(* delete )(NautilusView *view)
void(* end_file_changes )(NautilusView *view)
void(* end_loading )(NautilusView *view, gboolean all_files_seen)
void(* file_changed )(NautilusView *view, NautilusFile *file, NautilusDirectory *directory)
char *(* get_backing_uri )(NautilusView *view)
char *(* get_first_visible_file )(NautilusView *view)
guint(* get_item_count )(NautilusView *view)
GArray *(* get_selected_icon_locations )(NautilusView *view)
GList *(* get_selection )(NautilusView *view)
GList *(* get_selection_for_file_transfer )(NautilusView *view)
const char *(* get_view_id )(NautilusView *view)
NautilusZoomLevel(* get_zoom_level )(NautilusView *view)
void(* invert_selection )(NautilusView *view)
gboolean(* is_empty )(NautilusView *view)
gboolean(* is_read_only )(NautilusView *view)
void(* load_error )(NautilusView *view, GError *error)
void(* merge_menus )(NautilusView *view)
GtkScrolledWindowClass parent_class
void(* remove_file )(NautilusView *view, NautilusFile *file, NautilusDirectory *directory)
void(* reset_to_defaults )(NautilusView *view)
void(* restore_default_zoom_level )(NautilusView *view)
void(* reveal_selection )(NautilusView *view)
void(* scroll_to_file )(NautilusView *view, const char *uri)
void(* select_all )(NautilusView *view)
void(* set_is_active )(NautilusView *view, gboolean is_active)
void(* set_selection )(NautilusView *view, GList *selection)
void(* sort_directories_first_changed )(NautilusView *view)
void(* start_renaming_file )(NautilusView *view, NautilusFile *file, gboolean select_all)
gboolean(* trash )(NautilusView *view)
void(* unmerge_menus )(NautilusView *view)
void(* update_menus )(NautilusView *view)
gboolean(* using_manual_layout )(NautilusView *view)
void(* widget_to_file_operation_position )(NautilusView *view, GdkPoint *position)
void(* zoom_to_level )(NautilusView *view, NautilusZoomLevel level)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 65 of file nautilus-view.h.

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