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Public Attributes

_EelCanvasItemClass Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

void(* bounds )(EelCanvasItem *item, double *x1, double *y1, double *x2, double *y2)
void(* destroy )(EelCanvasItem *item)
void(* draw )(EelCanvasItem *item, cairo_t *cr, cairo_region_t *region)
gboolean(* event )(EelCanvasItem *item, GdkEvent *event)
void(* map )(EelCanvasItem *item)
GInitiallyUnownedClass parent_class
double(* point )(EelCanvasItem *item, double x, double y, int cx, int cy, EelCanvasItem **actual_item)
void(* realize )(EelCanvasItem *item)
gpointer spare_vmethods [4]
void(* translate )(EelCanvasItem *item, double dx, double dy)
void(* unmap )(EelCanvasItem *item)
void(* unrealize )(EelCanvasItem *item)
void(* update )(EelCanvasItem *item, double i2w_dx, double i2w_dy, int flags)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 128 of file eel-canvas.h.

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