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/* -*- Mode: C; indent-tabs-mode: t; c-basic-offset: 8; tab-width: 8 -*-

   Copyright (C) 1999, 2000, 2001 Eazel, Inc.
   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
   modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
   published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
   License, or (at your option) any later version.
   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   General Public License for more details.
   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public
   License along with this program; if not, write to the
   Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
   Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
   Author: Darin Adler <darin@bentspoon.com>


#include <libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory.h>
#include <libnautilus-private/nautilus-file.h>
#include <libnautilus-private/nautilus-monitor.h>
#include <eel/eel-glib-extensions.h>
#include <eel/eel-string.h>



#define NAUTILUS_FILE_DEFAULT_ATTRIBUTES                    \

/* These are in the typical sort order. Known things come first, then
 * things where we can't know, finally things where we don't yet know.
typedef enum {
} Knowledge;

typedef struct {
      char emblem_keywords[1];
} NautilusFileSortByEmblemCache;

struct NautilusFileDetails
      NautilusDirectory *directory;
      eel_ref_str name;

      /* File info: */
      GFileType type;

      eel_ref_str display_name;
      char *display_name_collation_key;
      eel_ref_str edit_name;

      goffset size; /* -1 is unknown */
      int sort_order;
      guint32 permissions;
      int uid; /* -1 is none */
      int gid; /* -1 is none */

      eel_ref_str owner;
      eel_ref_str owner_real;
      eel_ref_str group;
      time_t atime; /* 0 is unknown */
      time_t mtime; /* 0 is unknown */
      time_t ctime; /* 0 is unknown */
      char *symlink_name;
      eel_ref_str mime_type;
      char *selinux_context;
      char *description;
      GError *get_info_error;
      guint directory_count;

      guint deep_directory_count;
      guint deep_file_count;
      guint deep_unreadable_count;
      goffset deep_size;

      GIcon *icon;
      char *thumbnail_path;
      GdkPixbuf *thumbnail;
      time_t thumbnail_mtime;
      GList *mime_list; /* If this is a directory, the list of MIME types in it. */
      char *top_left_text;

      /* Info you might get from a link (.desktop, .directory or nautilus link) */
      char *custom_icon;
      char *activation_uri;

      /* used during DND, for checking whether source and destination are on
       * the same file system.
      eel_ref_str filesystem_id;

      char *trash_orig_path;

      /* The following is for file operations in progress. Since
       * there are normally only a few of these, we can move them to
       * a separate hash table or something if required to keep the
       * file objects small.
      GList *operations_in_progress;

      /* We use this to cache automatic emblems and emblem keywords
         to speed up compare_by_emblems. */
      NautilusFileSortByEmblemCache *compare_by_emblem_cache;

      /* NautilusInfoProviders that need to be run for this file */
      GList *pending_info_providers;

      /* Emblems provided by extensions */
      GList *extension_emblems;
      GList *pending_extension_emblems;

      /* Attributes provided by extensions */
      GHashTable *extension_attributes;
      GHashTable *pending_extension_attributes;

      /* Mount for mountpoint or the references GMount for a "mountable" */
      GMount *mount;
      /* boolean fields: bitfield to save space, since there can be
           many NautilusFile objects. */

      eel_boolean_bit unconfirmed                   : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit is_gone                       : 1;
      /* Set when emitting files_added on the directory to make sure we
         add a file, and only once */
      eel_boolean_bit is_added                      : 1;
      /* Set by the NautilusDirectory while it's loading the file
       * list so the file knows not to do redundant I/O.
      eel_boolean_bit loading_directory             : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit got_file_info                 : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit get_info_failed               : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit file_info_is_up_to_date       : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit got_directory_count           : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit directory_count_failed        : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit directory_count_is_up_to_date : 1;

      eel_boolean_bit deep_counts_status      : 2; /* NautilusRequestStatus */
      /* no deep_counts_are_up_to_date field; since we expose
           intermediate values for this attribute, we do actually
           forget it rather than invalidating. */

      eel_boolean_bit got_mime_list                 : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit mime_list_failed              : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit mime_list_is_up_to_date       : 1;

      eel_boolean_bit mount_is_up_to_date           : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit got_top_left_text             : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit got_large_top_left_text       : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit top_left_text_is_up_to_date   : 1;

      eel_boolean_bit got_link_info                 : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit link_info_is_up_to_date       : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit got_custom_display_name       : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit got_custom_activation_uri     : 1;

      eel_boolean_bit thumbnail_is_up_to_date       : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit thumbnail_wants_original      : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit thumbnail_tried_original      : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit thumbnailing_failed           : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit is_thumbnailing               : 1;

      /* TRUE if the file is open in a spatial window */
      eel_boolean_bit has_open_window               : 1;

      eel_boolean_bit is_launcher                   : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit is_trusted_link               : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit is_foreign_link               : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit is_symlink                    : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit is_mountpoint                 : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit is_hidden                     : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit is_backup                     : 1;

      eel_boolean_bit has_permissions               : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit can_read                      : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit can_write                     : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit can_execute                   : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit can_delete                    : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit can_trash                     : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit can_rename                    : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit can_mount                     : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit can_unmount                   : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit can_eject                     : 1;

      eel_boolean_bit filesystem_readonly           : 1;
      eel_boolean_bit filesystem_use_preview        : 2; /* GFilesystemPreviewType */
      eel_boolean_bit filesystem_info_is_up_to_date : 1;

typedef struct {
      NautilusFile *file;
      GCancellable *cancellable;
      NautilusFileOperationCallback callback;
      gpointer callback_data;
      gboolean is_rename;
      gpointer data;
      GDestroyNotify free_data;
} NautilusFileOperation;

NautilusFile *nautilus_file_new_from_info                  (NautilusDirectory      *directory,
                                              GFileInfo              *info);
void          nautilus_file_emit_changed                   (NautilusFile           *file);
void          nautilus_file_mark_gone                      (NautilusFile           *file);
char *        nautilus_extract_top_left_text               (const char             *text,
                                              gboolean                large,
                                              int                     length);
void          nautilus_file_set_directory                  (NautilusFile           *file,
                                              NautilusDirectory      *directory);
gboolean      nautilus_file_get_date                       (NautilusFile           *file,
                                              NautilusDateType        date_type,
                                              time_t                 *date);
void          nautilus_file_updated_deep_count_in_progress (NautilusFile           *file);

void          nautilus_file_clear_info                     (NautilusFile           *file);
/* Compare file's state with a fresh file info struct, return FALSE if
 * no change, update file and return TRUE if the file info contains
 * new state.  */
gboolean      nautilus_file_update_info                    (NautilusFile           *file,
                                              GFileInfo              *info);
gboolean      nautilus_file_update_name                    (NautilusFile           *file,
                                              const char             *name);

gboolean      nautilus_file_update_name_and_directory      (NautilusFile           *file,
                                              const char             *name,
                                              NautilusDirectory      *directory);

gboolean      nautilus_file_set_display_name               (NautilusFile           *file,
                                              const char             *display_name,
                                              const char             *edit_name,
                                              gboolean                custom);
void          nautilus_file_set_mount                      (NautilusFile           *file,
                                              GMount                 *mount);

/* Return true if the top lefts of files in this directory should be
 * fetched, according to the preference settings.
gboolean      nautilus_file_should_get_top_left_text       (NautilusFile           *file);

/* Mark specified attributes for this file out of date without canceling current
 * I/O or kicking off new I/O.
void                   nautilus_file_invalidate_attributes_internal     (NautilusFile           *file,
                                                       NautilusFileAttributes  file_attributes);
NautilusFileAttributes nautilus_file_get_all_attributes                 (void);
gboolean               nautilus_file_is_self_owned                      (NautilusFile           *file);
void                   nautilus_file_invalidate_count_and_mime_list     (NautilusFile           *file);
gboolean               nautilus_file_rename_in_progress                 (NautilusFile           *file);
void                   nautilus_file_invalidate_extension_info_internal (NautilusFile           *file);
void                   nautilus_file_info_providers_done                (NautilusFile           *file);

/* Thumbnailing: */
void          nautilus_file_set_is_thumbnailing            (NautilusFile           *file,
                                              gboolean                is_thumbnailing);

NautilusFileOperation *nautilus_file_operation_new      (NautilusFile                  *file,
                                           NautilusFileOperationCallback  callback,
                                           gpointer                       callback_data);
void                   nautilus_file_operation_free     (NautilusFileOperation         *op);
void                   nautilus_file_operation_complete (NautilusFileOperation         *op,
                                           GFile                         *result_location,
                                           GError                        *error);
void                   nautilus_file_operation_cancel   (NautilusFileOperation         *op);


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